Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lindstrom Played Le Poisson Rouge - Pictures, Review

On November 13th, we stopped in at Le Poisson Rouge to catch a rare live set from Norwegian DJ Lindstrom. Given that it was a dance night, we probably should have known better than to show up right at 11, which left us waiting around until 1:30 for Lindstrom's set to start. Nonetheless, the wait was well worth it, and when Lindstrom finally did take the stage, it was a set to remember.

The set consisted almost entirely of material from Lindstrom's solo records, and (not surprisingly, given her absence), avoided tracks from this year's collaboration with Christabelle. The crowd was clearly populated by fans, as each track was met by cheers and rampant enthusiasm. Lindstrom's material played well to a live room, largely due to his stage presence and performance.

While it's hard to compare the vivacity of a DJ with photos, rest assured: Lindstrom's on stage persona is one that flirts with the audience and the sound board simultaneously, coaxing out beats that are beneficial to both. Each song in the set got more and more of the crowd dancing, and by the time Lindstrom called it a night (after about an hour long set), the crowd was left begging for (but unfortunately not getting), just a little more.

More pictures at the HAD Archive