Monday, October 4, 2010

Toro Y Moi - "You Hid": Video

We love Toro Y Moi's live show, and are totally addicted to their debut album Causers Of This. So, when we saw that our pals over at Yours Truly had done a video session with the band for the song "You Hid", we were totally stoked.

YT is always making fantastic video content with great artists, but this one in particular has a nice twist. See, Toro Y Moi frontman Chazwick Bundick is actually the entirety of the band, and he only plays with others when in a live setting. As such, the guys over at YT ran with the concept and let Chaz overdub his parts, such that he's essentially a one man band in the vid.

The effect is very cool, and totally enjoyable to watch, as Chaz Lays down the tracks to craft the entirety of the song. Check the video above, or grab the mp3 of the original below!