Thursday, September 30, 2010

Phoenix Gives Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix Commentary

Phoenix at Rumsey Playfield, Summer 2009, from the HAD Archive

If you're a regular reader of HAD, you know that we're (almost unhealthily) obsessed with Phoenix, and their almost-eponoymous record of last year, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. Interestingly, the band is showing no sign of slowing down support for the record, with an upcoming show at Madison Square Garden, and tons of online goodies.

The most recent of those goodies was last week's release of the record's multitrack tapes, and now this week we see one more. The band has posted a series of videos related to the making of the record, with commentary on each song; how it was composed, what it's intent was, and how it came to be. We've posted the first one ("Lisztomania") below, and you can check out the rest by heading to the band's You Tube page. Tres bon!