Monday, October 11, 2010

Land Of Talk Played The Independent - Pictures, Review

Last Thursday night we managed to stop by the Independent, and catch a set from a band who never cease to amaze us in every incarnation: Land Of Talk. With two solid openers, and a set that pulled from their latest (fantastic) record Cloak and Cipher, the band delivered a set that was fiercely representative of the tightly intricate rock combo that Lizzie Powell has managed to form around her songwriting.

First opener Suuns started out strong, but ultimately wound up putting a little too much emphasis on an empty drone vibe. We love a good droney rock band as much as the next guy, but by the second half of their set, the band seemed to have exhausted their capabilities to make the drone matter. Still, we wouldn't write them off just yet. They're pretty musically fearless, and definitely one to keep an eye on.

Besnard Lakes followed with a set of dark, psychedelic rock that we really dug. The band has a live presence that's unquestionably killer. Combine that with the fact that their songwriting is an inventive combination of Brian Wilson harmonies and heavy guitars, and you have yourself a damn enjoyable music experience.

When Land of Talk took to the stage we were seriously excited. The band's latest record is a bulletproof wave of awesome rock and roll, and really seems ideally suited for the live environment. Knowing full well just how solid Lizzie Powell is in a live environment, we were expecting a lot, and we were not disappointed.

It's worth noting that Lizzie's not the sole face of Land Of Talk - the rest of the band is a rock solid foundation. Its allows for the eccentricity and awesomeness of Powell's guitar playing to effortlessly ride above the rest of the instrumentation as the songs move effortlessly forward.

And really, it was effortless: The band is such a tightly integrated unit that they managed to create a monumentous wall of sound that was one of the finest things we've heard in a very long time. It felt almost impossible that they were actually generating all the noise being created on stage, and the realization that they were made it all that much more enjoyable. The set was further augmented by the (eventually comically) recurring backup vocals from Besnard Lakes frontman Jace Lasek.

In short, Land Of Talk is in the prime of when a band is "must see": touring for an awesome album, with a well coordinated group of band members, in medium size rooms. It's seriously the optimal time for checking them out, and we couldn't encourage you to do so more strongly. Lizzie Powell is serious about bringing you the rock and roll, and you'd damn well better be ready for it.

Land Of Talk are at Bowery Ballroom November 6th

Photos By Brian Fong
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