Tuesday, September 21, 2010

David Byrne Delivers Audio Book and Wall Street 2 Soundtrack

David Byrne's apparently been keeping busy over the summer, and this week finds the fruits of his labor delivered for all to see. You may remember we gave mention to Byrne's Bicycle Diaries a while back. Well now Byrne has outdone himself by delivering an audio book version of the volume, which he's narrated himself.

Not only does the audio book contain music to help with the transitions, but it also has Byrne finding his own unique voice in a confessional and inviting tone. Given the nature of the book: diary, confessional, and commentary, the presence of the author (particularly one as clever as this) is a welcome and inviting enhancement to the book's already awesome content.

In addition to this lovely bit of audio-literature, Byrne has also delivered the soundtrack to Oliver Stone's latest venture, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. We have yet to hear the tunes for ourselves, but they've become available in wide release today. Given Byrne's solid history of scoring film, and the fact that he was intimately involved with the use of the music in context ("Stone was super accommodating - inviting me numerous times to view rough assemblies to be sure I was OK with how the music was being used"), we're more than a little excited to hear what he came up with.