Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The 22-20s Played Bowery Ballroom - Pictures, Review

You may recall that a while back we caught up with The 22-20s at San Francisco's Rickshaw stop. Well, the show was such a treat that we couldn't resist seeing them again. When we got word that the band would be stopping over in New York, we made sure to be there, so that we could catch a killer set from this reunited British quartet.

Much like in San Francisco, the band was in top form, and delivered a nearly bulletproof set of blues-influenced British rock. One of the things that continues to fascinate us about The 22-20s is how they manage to come across as completely influence by so many notable bands from the past, yet not feel derivative in any way.

Unquestionably, a huge part of what allows for this is the band's amazingly tight live show. Whether it be the locked in rhythm, intertwined melody and rhythms of the two guitars, or the occasional slide guitar solo, the fact is that the band can deliver a live show that highlights their talents and their sounds immediately, even to the most novice of ears.

In short, The 22-20's have got "it": a subtle stage presence that is all at once confident, charismatic, and completely genuine. More importantly, they underscore this presence with undeniable musicianship. Unfortunately, the band are done with their jaunt in the US for the time being. Whenever they do decide to return next, we highly recommend you take the plunge and check them out.

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