Monday, May 3, 2010

Ok Go Played Music Hall Of Williamsburg - Pictures, Review, Setlist

On Friday night we stopped in at the Music Hall Of Williamsburg to check out the second sold out evening from Ok Go. We weren't exactly sure what to expect of the band's live show, as our experience thus far had been exclusively with the band's records and of course, music videos. That being said, we had gotten the impression from friends that we might be walking into a shitstorm of screaming teenage girls. However, keeping in mind that that's happened to some pretty amazing bands in the past, we were willing to take our chances.

Thankfully, there was nothing to worry about: we were treated to an evening of extremely gracious (and certainly rapt) fans enjoying a night of completely killer rock and roll. While the band's set was cleverly augmented by various stage props, including confetti and laser equipped guitars, the thing that really won us over was a set of straight-ahead, no bullshit rock and roll.

The set consisted of a fair dose of material from the band's latest record Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky, which was just fine by us. The Dave Fridmann produced record is unquestionably the band's strongest to date, and it was furthered in the live environment by the band's on stage enthusiasm. On top of the new material, the band gave a tip of the hat to the notables of their back catalog, as a well as a bulletproof cover of the Pixies' tune "Debaser".

At the end of the day, we head to live rock shows to see band's at their very best. Delivery of live rock and roll is a highly dynamic, multi-faceted experience, and requires performers that "get it": That they're not just there to deliver a set of songs, but to interact with the audience and provide a spectacle that transcends what is perceivable on the records. On Friday night, Ok Go did exactly that, and we dug every minute of it. We'd recommend you listen when we say that this is a rock show you don't want to miss.

Ok Go return to New York October 29th at Terminal 5.

A Million Ways
All Is Not Lost
I Want You So Bad I Can't Breathe
White Knuckles
Oh Lately It's So Quiet
A Good Idea At The Time
Here It Goes Again
What To Do
Last Leaf
Don't Ask Me
Get Over It
Back From Kathmandu
Debaser (Pixies Cover)
This Too Shall Pass
Do What You Want

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