Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mike Doughty Played Le Poisson Rouge - Pictures And Review

On Saturday night we had the pleasure of stopping in at Le Poisson Rouge and checking out an intimate set from Mike Doughty. The former Soul Coughing frontman delivered an acoustic set comprised exclusively of tunes from his solo career to a room of devout fans. Despite our desire to hear the earlier material, we have to say that Doughty's newer compositions unquestionably hold their own. Moreover, his unique lyrical style and delivery are firmly in tact, making for an entertaining set.

The evening was filled with banter, and it was clear that much of the room had seen Doughty before. Much of the banter was fueled by a "question jar" where Doughty answered questions submitted by the audience. However, it was by no means the highlight of the night, as Doughty delivered a lengthy set that included a number of strong tunes from his latest, Sad Man Happy Man.

Doughty managed to create a solid compliment to his songwriting with the addition of a cellist/electric guitarist for the entirety of the set. The two men clearly had a strong rapport, and the benefit of diversified instrumentation did a lot to enhance Doughty's rhythmic, acoustic arrangements.

More than anything, the set reenforced what we already knew: that Mike Doughty is a solid showman with his own distinctive style. Unquestionably, his solo work has landed him in slightly less intricate space than in his Soul Coughing days. Still, the combination of poetic delivery juxtaposed with Doughty's memorable voice made for a show that is well worth your while.

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