Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spoon Hit ABC News

If you needed further evidence of Spoon's continued takeover of the airwaves, look no further. After a stunning #4 debut on the Billboard charts, the band appeared on ABC News last week and gave quite the entertaining interview. Among other things, Britt Daniel sticks up for The Bee Gees, talks about his days as a substitute teacher, why Transference is a "weird record", and how cash is not the driving force for making music. And for those wondering about the important stuff, the secret is revealed: Britt's fancy new leather jacket cost a whopping $70!

Check it all about above.


Chris Goldberg said...

Thanks for sharing this! It's really great.

Hanan said...

"Britt's fancy new leather jacket cost a whopping $70!"

this is why I read HAD. haha only joking. I love them so much. I liked Transference immediately, but my love for it has grown SO much over the past few weeks.