Thursday, February 11, 2010

Beck's Record Club Is Cooler Than Yours

The last time we checked in with Beck's Record Club, he was hard at work re-recording the Velvet Underground's debut, to amazing results. Since then, he's continued the hard work, and this time he's managed to enlist most of Wilco to help him with the results.

Continuing the late 60's trend, the latest iteration of "record club" has spent their time collaborating on covers of the Skip Spence recor OAR. The results, dare we say, are nothing short of fabulous. The group offers up synthed-out loopy takes on the original record, which is far more earthy in its original form.

We've embedded one of our faves from the sessions above: "Dixie Peach Promenade" finds Beck delivering bubbly synth lines, while Jeff Tweedy on vocals, and Glenn Kotche collaborating with Tweedy's son on percussion. The rest of the session (including an appearance by Feist) can be had over at Beck's Record Club. (And, once you get done with OAR, you can move on to The Songs Of Leonard Cohen, which Beck also managed to cover in the interim.!)


Hanan said...

dude. thanks for bringing my attention back to this. I lost interest with the LC stuff.
I had a skip spence cover in my itunes but didn't realize it was from the Record Club. thanks.