Wednesday, August 5, 2009

John Cale: "All My Friends"

Our John Cale obsession this week continues with this, a cover of LCD Soundsystem's killer track from Sounds Of Silver. Apparently it was a bonus track, included only on the vinyl version of the record. That would make it more than a year or two old, but brand new for us, so what can we say? We decided to share.

The cover is definitely distinct from the original, with slightly more aggressive beats, and a more forward moving feel. However, that's not really what does it for us: Cale's thick Welsh accent completely dominates the song. In contrast to James Murphy's original vocals, this version is aggressive, urgent, and domineering in a way that adds an entirely different emotional take.

Given how amazing the original is, we're hesitant to call this one better. That being said, there's no question that Cale has made the song his own, and in the very best way possible. We're pretty content enjoying both and not picking favorites. That, and secretly hoping that Murphy and Cale would make a record together. Tasty, no?

mp3: John Cale - All My Friends (LCD Soundsystem Cover)