Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Heavenly States Dive Into New Album

We caught up with The Heavenly States back on July 3rd, when they played a gig at The Uptown to an enthused Independence Day weekend crowd. The show consisted of not only a ton of material from last year's Delayer, but also a bunch of new tunes that the band had been working up.

Fast forward one month, and it turns out the band had been working up those tunes with good reason: they've been in LA for the past few weeks recording the Delayer follow up. Working with producer Bill Lefler, the band just wrapped sessions on what frontman Ted Nesseth describes as the "best thing we've ever done". We can deal with that, indeed.

Not to leave you waiting with too much bated breath, we managed to catch two of the new songs from the Uptown gig in ultra-purty HD video, and we have them for you here and now. Obviously the audio isn't as good as an in studio performance, but we think it gives a pretty good picture of what the band's cooking up. Enjoy!

More pics from The Uptown in the HAD Archive.