Thursday, June 25, 2009

RIP: Michael Jackson Dead At Fifty

Well, by now the news is everywhere, but just in case you missed it: the King Of Pop, Michael Jackson himself, died of a heart attack in Los Angeles this afternoon. While Jackson has unquestionable had a rough decade, there can be little said to understate the magnitude and importance he has to the world of music.

For those who were around in the 80's, he was more than a dominant force: he was the definition of musical success. Even more than that, he crossed musical boundaries in such a versatile way that he simultaneously ruled rock, pop, and R&B chart.

We thought we'd include the above video because it captures Jackson at the height of his success, before things devolved, but after he had become a seasoned performer. That, and we just dig "Man In The Mirror" beyond compare.

Keep dancing and singing wherever you are Michael, you will most certainly be missed.