Thursday, June 25, 2009

Phoenix: "Twenty One One Zero"

Phoenix at The Paradise, from the HAD Archive

Given that Phoenix doesn't have a very sizeable catalog of b-sides and outtakes, we were psyched to stumble upon one this morning that we had never heard before. The track is called "Twenty One One Zero" and was recorded for the Cartier Love charity. Needless to say, given our obsession with all things Phoenix, we headed right over to snag the free download, and boy were we surprised.

Turns out "Twenty One One Zero" is actually an earlier take on "Love Like A Sunset" from the band's latest, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. The instrumental section is largely similar to the album version, albeit less synthy and more rock and roll. The really significant change is at the end of the tune: this new version features an acoustic denouement, and a significantly simplified vocal to close the song. While we were kind of hoping for a new track, we have to admit: it's super interesting hearing an early version of "Love Like A Sunset", and seeing how it came into its own for the record. Check it out below!

Phoenix plays this Saturday at The Regency Grand.

mp3: Phoenix - Twenty One One Zero