Friday, June 19, 2009

Anya Marina Delivers Daytrotter Session

Picture from the HAD Archive

Forget that she's in cahoots with Britt Daniel on her record - Anya Marina holds her own in the live setting, and does so with aplomb. We thought so when we saw her last November, and now her Daytrotter Session only serves to underscore the awesomeness.

In a world of female musicians where far too many are content to be loosey-goosey "songstresses", or arrive on stage as band accessories, Marina is the opposite. She's spunky, killer on the guitar, and clearly delivering her songs on her own terms. In other words, damn good.

We've attached an mp3 of Marina performing one of our faves "Cut It Out", if you head over to Daytrotter you can snag a bunch more mp3s, as well as read some interview material. Win.

mp3: Anya Marina - Cut It Out (Live On Daytrotter)