Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wilco Played Jazz Fest 2009: Pictures, Review, Setlist

Seeing Wilco live is always a bit of a revelation: the band definitely offers something up in the live environment that simply isn't present on their records, and last week's show at Jazz Fest was certainly no exception. Despite the absence of any new material, the band delivered a diversified show that traversed their entire catalog, including some of our faves.

The show was a strong one on many counts. Similar to Spoon's set, is was nice and long for a festival set. More importantly, it was a pleasantly upbeat set, and it touched upon some of our most cherished Wilco material. We were particularly stoked to hear "Company In My Back" and "Pot Kettle Black". Additionally, the Sky Blue Sky material continues to transcend its recorded counterparts, and really go over the top in the live environment.

In addition to really delivering musically, the band was unquestionably invested in the set at a physical level. While at times it bordered on a tad gimmicky, it's always good to see a band having so much fun with the material and clearly enjoying themselves. Whether it was the extended guitar jams, Tweedy mussing his hair, or the band climbing atop their gear, the whole set was clearly filled with good cheer.

At the end of the day, we're never exactly surprised to see Wilco deliver a killer live show. Much of the band's well deserved legacy is built upon their live shows, and to some extent we expect the awesomeness. That being said, we're always glad to see just how well Tweedy & Co. pull us back in and renew our interest in a band that we've been loving for a long time.

The show left us not only psyched for the band's Greek Theater date in June, but also more than a little enthused for the new record. They've clearly established just how tight of a musical unit they've become, and they seem ready to deliver on that promise with a record of equal goodness. Frankly, we can't wait.

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Handshake Drugs

Company in my Back

You are my Face

Pot Kettle Black
A Shot in the Arm

Side with the Seeds

Jesus, etc
Impossible Germany
California Stars

Forget the Flowers

Box Full of Letters

The Late Greats

Hate it Here

Heavy Metal Drummer

I’m the Man who Loves You

Hoodoo Voodoo


Casino Queen

Outta Sight (Outta Mind)