Thursday, May 21, 2009

White Rabbits Killed On Letterman

We already told you
how psyched we are for White Rabbits' record It's Frightening that dropped this week, so we were psyched to see them positively nail the opening track "Percussion Gun" on Letterman this past Monday.

We have to admit, we were curious how the band would hold up without Britt Daniel's studio tutelage, and now we know. Which is to say: totally fucking solid. Rock and roll, kids.

White Rabbits are at the Independent June 20th, tickets are on sale now.

mp3: White Rabbits - Percussion Gun


Kevin said...

I'm finding the new album a bit hit and miss ... maybe I'm just getting fed up with "experimental" albums of late -- I'm listening to too much TV on the Radio, Yeasayer, Fiery Furnaces, Liars, Animal Collective perhaps.

This performance I thoroughly enjoyed though ... that piano player can really open his mouth up wide, that freaked me out the first time he does it