Thursday, May 21, 2009

This Friday At The Independent: BLK JKS And Foreign Born

It's tough enough seeing one incredibly solid band in a night, so getting to see two is a real treat. That's why we recommend you get yourself to the Independent on Friday night. Two bands, BLK JKS and Foreign Born, will be playing an evening of music that is certain to deliver. What's more, we're more than a little convinced that both are destined for even bigger things - this could be your best last chance to see them in such a small room.

BLK JKS hail from South Africa, and wear the influence on their sleeve. As such, it'd be easy to pigeonhole them as "world music" and leave it at that. The thing is, there's so much more going on with their music, that to do so would be silly. Their four track EP Mystery is addictive, and draws upon countless musical influences. To name drop a few, we hear everything from Liars, to David Bowie, to Robert Fripp, to Wilco, to TV On The Radio in their sound. It's all underpinned by distinctive African sounds, particularly in the backing vocals and guitar tone, and it is truly unique. We are loving it, to say the least. (Head here for an awesome feature on the band from The Fader)

Foreign Born offer up a sound that is perhaps a little more familiar to western ears, but nonetheless just as compelling. Their most recent LP Person To Person combines percussion driven rock with fantastic guitar hooks and melodies that stick in your head like none other. It's gaining them recognition as press copies get out there, and justifiably so. The record captures a mood and feel that is familiar, but at the same time original and refreshing. Put differently, one listen can quickly turn in to ten or so. The band originally started in San Francisco, but soon moved to LA (We know, we know. Boo. Hiss.). Regardless of your city loyalties, we can assure you that this is a show you'll want to catch.

Tickets are on sale now

mp3: BLK JKS - Lakeside
mp3: Foreign Born - Vacationing People