Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Plants And Animals Played Bottom Of The Hill - Pictures, Review, Setlist

Let us start by saying this: Every time we see Plants and Animals we are even more impressed. Every time we tell someone to see Plants and Animals, they're impressed. Any time we give someone the band's record they're blown away. In short, this band is amazing. Both on the record and in a live environment, Plants and Animals are completely on the verge of breaking through even bigger than they already have. Last Saturday at Bottom Of The Hill was no exception.

The band has something of a musical trifecta in the live environment: their songs are ridiculously catchy, their technique and tightness as a band is completely expert, and their performance is balls-to-the-wall, heart-on-sleeve goodness. In short, the band are such a tight knit unit that the already impressive performance on record is enhanced significantly further in the live environment, which is saying a lot.

The band manages to demonstrate their technical aptitude with intricate instrumentation and song deliveries that border just on the right side of "jammy". Don't get us wrong, there's nothing that feels even remotely self indulgent about the extended tunage - on each and every song it feels just right, and gives each one enhanced depth and relevance. The fact of the matter is that the band knows just how to stretch their material (and the audience) to the outer limits, and then expertly pull things back in.

Saturday also saw three new songs make their way into the set, and all were totally fantastic. From the sound of things, the band is pushing a bit more into a straight ahead rock feel for the next record. That being said, it was still rock run through the Plants and Animals filter, and it yielded a sound that was simultaneously upbeat, exciting, and pushing creative boundries. In short, it left us psyched for the things to come.

It's a bit difficult to describe a band that you enjoy this much without starting to sound like some teenage fan who wants to have their babies. That being said, we're willing to take that risk because, frankly, we want to make sure that you don't miss this band the next time you have the opportunity. Their live show is simply so transcendent, ass kicking, and amazing, that it's really unparalleled.

What's more, we'll put a prediction on the table. The band has played San Francisco three times in the last year, at Rickshaw Stop, and Bottom of the Hill twice (once as opener, once headlining). We'd wager that the next year will be your last chance to catch these guys in small clubs. Once that second record drops and all hell breaks loose, it's gonna go bigger and bigger. We could be wrong, but don't say we didn't warn you.


New Song

Good Friend

New Song
Feedback In The Field

À L'orée Des Bois

New Kind Of Love

New Song


Faerie Dance

Bye Bye Bye

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Hanan said...

Bottom of the Hill is the coolest.
don't worry, you didn't come close to sounding like a teenage girl, but you have inspired me to look these guys up. cheers.

(nice photos by the way_

Kevin said...

That fourth photo down is a great shot, Patrick.