Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Metric Promote Album Release With Stream, Video

For all our love of Broken Social Scene alumni projects here at HAD, Metric is probably the most neglected. We're not sure why that is exactly, except maybe that the Emily Haines-fronted band is probably lacking a big part of what we love about BSS. It's not that there's anything wrong with Metric (quite the contrary), but just that their sound is so accessible and electro that it's not really what we're looking for when our mind is driving towards that BSS sound.

That being said, we've definitely been in love with Haines' vocals since the BSS days, and we try to keep an eye on the band whenever they have something new coming down the wire. Such is the case these days, with their new record Fantasies. The band has released a full stream of the album, along with a video (above) for "Gimme Sympathy". The tunes (as you might guess) are pretty electro synthy, pretty catchy, and damn accessible. Not quite our cup of tea, but definitely worth giving a listen.

Stream: Metric - Fantasies