Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ryan Adams Drops ITunes EP For Valentines Day

Via Ryan Adams' myspace blog:

Ryan Adams Valentine’s Day EP available on Itunes on 2/10. Ryan’s best love songs.

Extra Cheese
Answering Bell
My Love For You is Real
Unreleased bonus track Hey There, Mrs. Lovely

Offhand, some initial thoughts: Is "Extra Cheese" a new song, or Adams' weirdo sense of humor, or both? Is "Hey There, Mrs. Lovely" truly unreleased when it's the same song as "These Girls"? More than anything, is this release even remotely necessary?

We're all for compilations, but when you get an EP with seven previously released, loosely linked tracks and one "bonus", it screams of record company revenue-trolling. Come now, Ryan: given your notoriously prolific writing, couldn't you have just given us all new material? Hm?


Sandy said...

Since his contract with LH is supposedly up, I would say this was all LH trying to make a buck off whatever they have rights to, and not much to do with Ryan.
Also, "These Girls," not "Some Girls," is the ET revamp of Hey There Mrs. Lovely. Interesting question on the latter--Geffen owns the rights to the version on Destroyer, so what version is this?