Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Port O'Brien Track, Vinyl EP Series Announced

Photo from the HAD Archive

When we heard this latest track from Port O'Brien, we have to admit we were a bit surprised: while their live show has been becoming more rock-oriented and raucus, it seems that their studio chops have been heading in the direction of a more refined, atmospheric sound. Van's vocals are decidedly more refined, and frankly the overall sound seems to ape more than a little bit from Band Of Horses.

Despite a bit of derivative feel, we have to admit we like the track quite a bit, and we're curious where the band is heading with it. Apparently it's part of a series of 7" vinyl releases "celebrating the seasons" that will be released over the next year. The first one (Winter) drops on February 17th, with vinyl version available via the band's web site. Count us in.

Also, as a side note: unless the band has gone decidedly commercial, it seems that perhaps their web site has been hacked by "National Relocation", no?

mp3: Port O'Brien - Is This Really What It's Come To?