Saturday, February 28, 2009

Noise Pop 2009: Telekinesis Played The Independent - Pictures, Review

Seattlites Telekinesis got their feet wet in the Noise Pop water last night in one of the opening slots at The Independent. Being that the band has been garnering a fair dose of praise lately, we got there early to check it out and see what exactly we made of it. While we heard some whispered comparisons to Death Cab, we're guessing that's less from the music, and more from the band's city of origin. Telekinesis' set was far too rocking, their vocals far too full, and their rhythms far too direct to ever be mistaken (at least in a live setting) for their Seattle compatriots. Long story short: dead solid rock and roll.

Probably the most immediately noticeable aspect of the band is that they're fronted by a drummer. In the end this doesn't serve to make much of a difference to the sound, but it was noticeable in the stage setup. The drum kit was front and center, and if we're not mistaken it definitely brought the instrument to a far greater degree of prominence in the mix.

As for the tunes themselves, they are incredibly vivid, jangly rock and roll with accessible melodies, and riffs that are familiar as soon as you've heard them. The band did a fantastic job at roping in a crowd of potentially unfamiliar listeners, and truly engaging them in the music. The band could have easily been headlining the room, and we're guessing that next time they will be.

Many more photos at the HAD Archive.


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