Saturday, February 28, 2009

Noise Pop 2009: Cut Off Your Hands Played The Independent - Pictures, Review

Writing a review on Cut Off Your Hands and not mentioning The Vines seems to almost border on the impossible, so we'll just get it off our chest. Both bands hail from the Australian continent (New Zealand and Australia, respectively), both bands draw heavily on 60's and punk rock influences, and both bands are fronted by singers who don't seem to have any perception that there is anything remotely like "appropriate" behavior for a rock band on stage.

That being said, Cut Off Your Hands are certainly not even remotely a ripoff. Their songs were adventurous, accessible, exciting, and full of life. The set was dappled with fantastic backing vocals, wonderful melodies, and driving rhythms that all combined to make for ridiculously immediate rock and roll. In short, this band delivers the entire package. And be quite certain, dear reader, that package most certainly includes rock and roll insanity.

Within 30 seconds of being on stage, Cut Off Your Hands front man Nick Johnston dove into the crowd, and was most certainly not caught. Rather, the crowd seemed to give way, and he headed resoundingly to the floor. Not one who was quick to learn a lesson apparently, Johnston would repeat this exercise two more times during the night to the same result. While the behavior was slightly unsettling, it is worth mentioning that with so many bands seeming routine on stage, it was unquestionably invigorating to see a band that was ready to deliver on all cylinders, regardless of the outcome.

And in the end, the outcome was, in fact, unforgettable. It's impossible to argue with the sheer amount of energy coming off stage, or the classic accessiblity of the melodies of the songs. At the same time, the band undoubtedly defined their own personality, and delivered a set that was distinctively theirs. Being from New Zealand, it seems that the band might not travel to the US as often as one might like. That being said, you can bet that next time they're in town that we'll be there. The band is touring the US now: Do. Not. Miss.

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Hanan said...

a. I love The Vines.
b. I love COYH
c. did you know that they used to be called Shaky Hands?
d. I love Kiwis. they are the sexiest people alive.
and, lastly,
e. that Lou Reed shirt makes me seriously question the awesomeness of my wardrobe. I WANT IT.