Monday, December 8, 2008

Scissors For Lefty: Album On The Way, 111 Minna This Sunday

Photo from the HAD Archive

Last we heard from Scissors From Lefty, they had just released their EP Consumption Junction (which rocks, by the way), and were on the way to a bunch of promotional dates in November. Well, fast forward to early December, and the band is apparently ramping up to a full album release. On the band's myspace blog, they've thrown down a coming-soon gauntlet: "We've got about another 12 songs waiting on the back burner so strap yourselves in and get ready to shake and move!!"

What's more, the band will apparently be at 111 Minna this Sunday for a late (11:45 in the PM) show. Given that we've never seen these guys put out a bad show, and the fact that there'll presumably be a ton of new material to take in, well, it should make for a fun night. Checkit.