Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Oasis EP Drops: Apparently These Days "Unreleased" Means Remixes and Demos

Image from the HAD Archive

It's a sad day kids: apparently long gone are the days of Oasis singles being graced with multiple fantastic B-Sides. We don't know if it's a change in record company policy, or if the band simply isn't feeling as prolific, but it's downright frustrating.

News came over the wire today of a new Oasis EP for the track "Out Of Time", from their latest Dig Out Your Soul. The press release touts four additional "unreleased tracks". Unfortunately, those tracks consist of the demo for "Out Of Time", along with remixes of "Shock The Lighting", "To Be Where There's Life", and the title track.

Now, don't get us wrong: remixes are all well and good, and it is an iTunes only release, so it's "official" status is debateable. Still, we just don't like the bullshit factor being so high, especially for a band whose track record of B-Sides borders on legendary.