Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Last.fm Does Video

We here at HAD are big fans of last.fm: you can keep track of your listening habits, stream artists you want to check out, and get recommendations based on your listening patterns over time. So as we browsed the site the other day, we were psyched to see that they've gotten into video. Not some half hearted, redirect driven wrapper to YouTube: a genuine music video engine. There are thousands of videos, from all sorts of artists, without any crappy censorship or ads.

Now, there is a downside: if you go to an artist's specific page, it appears that there are still some hooks into YouTube. These allow for a cavalcade of live and fan-made videos, some good, some bad. However, if you use the link above and let the recommendation engine do the leg work, it's an experience that will grab ahold of you tighter than you might like. We proceeded to sit there and watch videos for....quite a while. This is MTV for the 21st century: on-demand, no ads, anything you want. Tasty.