Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Heavenly States: Upcoming Gigs, SF Weekly Music Awards

Photo from the HAD Archive

Ever since their 3 night stand with Spoon at The Fillmore, we really just can't get enough of The Heavenly States. Their live show is killer, and their new record Delayer is fantastic. It's got a seething rock urgency to it that we haven't had the opportunity to experience in quite some time. So it's a good thing for us that they happen to be locals with some killer gigs lined up. Not only that, but they've also been nominated for best Bay Area Indie Rock/Pop in the SF Weekly Music Awards. As such, they're playing the awards ceremony on October 16th at Ruby Skye. What's more, they have another gig at The Uptown in Oakland on November 1st with The Lovemakers. Seriously folks, this band delivers - yous gots to checks it out.

Vote in the SF Weekly Music Awards here.