Monday, September 29, 2008

See What Jay Bennett's Been Up To

If you're a long time Wilco fan, then you're no doubt pretty familiar with Jay Bennett: Bennett served as guitarist and co-writer for the band for a number of years. What's more, he made quite a name for himself as a bit of a tough number in the Wilco biopic I Am Trying To Break Your Heart. Since then, he's recorded a number of albums of mixed quality - frankly, we feel like the guy has talent, but could use a bit of an editor.

That being said, we're always curious to hear what Bennett's up to. This interview with Glide magazine seems a tad self serving, but it is interesting to hear the latest: reviving his studio, having fun online, and (as always) playing music. Bennett has a new digital-only album on the way called At The Perfumed Air, as well as an EP with frequent collaborator Ed Burch. Check it out and see what you think.