Monday, September 29, 2008

Oasis + Ryan Adams = Love

Cheeky picture stolen from pitchfork

So, were you a little annoyed that Oasis only toured in Canada? And did you kind of want to see that Oasis/Ryan Adams double bill because it sounded like it kicked a huge amount of rock and roll ass? Well, you're in luck: Adams and the Gallaghers will be reuniting to the band's North American tour, and here in the Bay Area they'll be making a stop at the Oracle Arena on December 3rd. Yes, we're as psyched as you are, despite it being in that gigantic concrete monolith. I mean, come on, for a show this big the arena vibe is almost suitable, no?

Tickets go on-sale this Friday, pre-sale is tomorrow. Password is "OASISINET"

BONUS: Stream the new Ryan Adams' tune "You Picked Me Up". Great!


Hanan said...

I am so freaking excited. This concert is going to change my life. Two of my favourite artists EVER EVER EVER.