Monday, September 8, 2008

New Britt Daniel Goodness

Britt Daniel played a solo show up North in Portland, and debuted three new tunes. We're not sure if the presence of Sleater-Kinney drummer Janet Weiss is indicative of the beginnings of the oft-rumored Britt Daniel solo project, but we'd guess not. In the past new tunes have debuted with Daniel solo, and wound up on Spoon records. Regardless, one of the songs, entitled "Who Backs Your Money?", is available for download. To our ears, it has some of the flavor of Spoon's cover of the Yo La Tengo tune "Decora" (which, if you're wondering, is a good thing). You can check out more video and mp3s over at the original post from The Sly Oyster. Thanks to Stereogum for pointing it out...

UPDATE: Another video of one of the new songs, this one much higher quality, from Dave Allen:

Spoon plays three nights at the Fillmore the week after next.

mp3: Britt Daniel - Who Backs Your Money? (Yousendit, click through)