Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spoon's Don't You Evah EP

Sure, remix-centric EP's can get a little tired, and seem a bit like a way to make an easy buck. In most cases, we'd tend to agree. However, with Spoon's latest, the effort has been made to get some high-quality talent in there remixing: Diplo, Ted Leo, and Matthew Dear all make appearances. Moreover, you get the original version of the song (You knew it was a cover, right?), and a brand new Spoon song entitled "All I Got Is Me". The remixes appear to use original source material, which means that you get to hear studio tracks not on the original disc. We've given the tunes a listen, and we're pretty sure the cover art alone is worth the price of admission. (For a hilariously oversensitive debate on the cover's objectification of women, check out the Spoon yahoo group.)

If you're super cheap, you can probably find all the songs online. But, given that it's $3.99 on iTunes, free with a new eMusic membership, and $6.28 for a hard copy at Amazon, we're pretty sure you can pony up the cash. Trust us, it's worth it.