Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Elvis Costello Has Evaded The Internets

Sure, there was a slight whimper when the release was announced, but it seems that Elvis Costello's new record has largely been released under the radar of the internet world as a whole. The record came out yesterday, and it seems that Costello has made an aggressive decision to initially only release the record on vinyl. That means no preview tracks, no pre-release reviews, just two platters of black plastic available by mail order. As far as we can tell, the disc is only available here, and (writing as "Your Unreliable Corresponedent) Costello himself has commented extensively on the release here. Most notably: "For those who like to know these things, we recorded exclusively to tape, completing and mixing each song before moving on to the next. The entire record took a week to record and mix."

What can we say? We're pretty damn excited that Costello is wholeheartedly leading the analog revolution, and we can't wait to get our copy in the mail.