Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Stereogum Has Free EELS Track

We here at H.A.D. have been fans of the EELS since around the Souljacker days, at which point we went kinda berserk and attempted to buy every and any recording the band had created. We'd kinda lost track of good ol' E since the somewhat underwhelming show at the GAMH last year. The EELS with Strings tour didn't really do it for us, and so the subsequent live release was somewhat of a letdown.

Well, fast forward to January '08, and we see that there's not only a greatest hits package out and about, but also a disc of b-sides and rarities that includes a bunch of unreleased material. Woot! The release contains two massive discs of songs, plus a DVD! Moreover, we got a nice email from the guys over at Stereogum featuring a free (and presumably legal) copy of the track "I Want To Protect You". Enjoy!

mp3 (Stereogum): EELS - I Want To Protect You (click through to download)