Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Malkmus Goodness Rocks Your World

It's no secret to regular readers that we here at H.A.D. are pretty stoked for the new Stephen Malkmus album dropping on March 4th. In light of that, we were pretty excited to snag a few piece of news.

First, a little bird informed us that SM+Jicks are apparently playing Harlow's in Sacramento come April 28th. We're pretty sure that this will mean a San Francisco date as well, but if not we're willing to make the trek out to the valley.

Second, we got an email from the cool folks over at Insound revealing a pre-order bonus package for Real Emotional Trash. We're not normally the type to go for such things, but this one is a little too good to pass up:

  • A pre-stream of the complete album
  • An unreleased recording of a live show
  • Multiple exclusive B-Sides
  • A free poster
So, yeah, we'll be jumping on that bandwagon. Details are here.