Saturday, November 10, 2007

Flashbax: A Series Of Sneaks

In the past year or so, Spoon has managed to become one of the bigger indie bands on the block. They're latest, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, managed to debut in the Billboard Top 10, and they're playing bigger and bigger venues all over the US. This week, we at H.A.D have been reminiscing about simpler times. Times when Spoon would play tiny basement bars, and people were squeezed in so tight that it was a sweaty mess of rock and roll. More importantly, they were times when the setlist was chock full of gems from the band's second album, A Series Of Sneaks.

With all the recent greatness the band's produced, these songs have been slowly creeping off of the setlist, and are now more the exception than the rule. This makes us sad - The album is a raw, garagey masterpiece. Moreover, the "surprising" developments of new material like "The Ghost Of You Lingers" isn't really all that surprising if you give this disc a good listen. The "experimental" aspect of the band's sound has been there since day one. If you haven't heard the disc, it's been reissued by Merge in the last couple of years and should be pretty widely available. If you already have the disc, we encourage you to break it out: guarantee it'll make your day.

mp3: Spoon - Car Radio