Saturday, November 10, 2007

BSS Love: New Jason Collett On Tap For February

Apparently while Jason Collett was out on the road this past year, he also managed to find time to record a new album, which is good news for everyone of us! Here's To Being Here is out February 5th on Arts and Crafts. We've mentioned his two previous efforts before, but if you haven't heard them, you should(unfortunately, they're no longer streaming on his newly revamped website). Collett consistently offers a steady dose of kickass songwriting, and perhaps a slightly more straightforward approach to sonic experimentation than when he's on board with the BSS crew. In terms of the new album, two tracks have been posted to Collett's site (yay - mp3s!), and they leave us wanting's to February!

mp3: Jason Collett - Out Of Time
mp3: Jason Collett - Charlyn, Angel Of Kensington