Monday, January 28, 2013

[Gossip] Will A New My Bloody Valentine Record Drop Tomorrow?

People have been clamoring for a new record from My Bloody Valentine ever since the band reunited to overwhelming success over five years ago — and you can't really blame them. Not only is the band in top-form, but Kevin Shields has been continually dropping nuggets to the press indicating that such a record was just around the corner.

Well, last night at Brixton's Electric, apparently the news became notably more specific. Apparently, when Shields was asked by an audience member when the new record drop, the reply was "in the next two or three days". Whoa. Normally we'd think it was a joke, but in the age of streaming audio and digital releases, there's really no telling.

Apparently there was a video of the whole event, which has since received a takedown notice on youtube. Rest assured, we're keeping our ears close the ground in the hope of more news. Fingers crossed!!!