Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Plants And Animals Play Mercury Lounge Tonight

If you're anything like us here at HAD, then not only do you love Plants and Animals, but you've been seriously digging on their new record The End Of That. Not only is it some of the best songwriting the band's ever done, but it takes them in a whole new direction that is more centered on classic rock and roll, dueling guitars, and lyrical witticism. It is a record that is imminently replayable, but also ideally suited to the live environ.

Given that, as New Yorkers we couldn't be more excited that the band is playing a show tonight at Mercury Lounge. Not only do we get to see one of our favorite live bands (seriously, they fucking KILL it live), but we get to do so in a super intimate venue. It's the late show, so doors aren't untuil 9, and tickets are still available.  We'll see you out there, and in the meantime, enjoy the two official videos from the band's latest record, both of which are well worth your time.  Check them out below!