Friday, February 24, 2012

Whiskeytown - "Sit And Listen To The Rain"

Ryan Adams at the Catalyst, from the HAD Archive

On this rainy Friday, we've decided to serenade you with the sixth track from Whiskeytown's (in our opinion) underrated final record, Pneumonia. The record found Adams at the height of his songwriting powers, and moreover, the production is masterful.  The result is a record that achieves much of what Adams has spent the bulk of his career pursuing: pop perfection wrapped in a veneer of troubadour street cred.

This track, "Sit And Listen To The Rain" starts out loping and subtle, as many of Adams best work is wont to do.  The choruses drape themselves over the emptiness of their own meaning, and the expansive guitar lines give a feeling of depth and echo.  As the pace picks up by the second verse, one is utterly prepared for the breakout of the bridge, which leaves one with the feeling that maybe hopelessness isn't all bad, and maybe that sometimes that's just the way things are - the only solution is to rock out.

Like we said, perfect for a rainy day.

mp3: Whiskeytown - Sit And Listen To The Rain