Monday, January 30, 2012

Jack White To Drop Solo Record In April

Well, it's finally happened: Jack White has given up on the facade of a band, and embraced his inner musical genius to release a solo record.  Titled Blunderbuss, the album will be released on April 24th.  The first single is entitled "Love Interrupted", and if it's any indication, this record is going to be exactly what we've been wanting from White for years.

Tempered with woodwinds, and a Fender Rhodes, the track is a simple ballad  in classic White style, with a gentleness that recalls the best moments of the White Stripes' Get Behind Me Satan.  It's been clear that White has had this up his sleeve for years, and we're glad he took the plunge.  Stream the track below.

Stream: Jack White - Love Interruption


Brittany said...

This is gonna be such a definitive Jack White project. I love everything about "Love Interruption" - perfectttt track. Can't wait to for the rest in April!!