Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Beatles and Jackie Lomax - "Sour Milk Sea"

Last week as we were scouring Beatles bootlegs on youtube, which we are wont to do from time to time, we stumbled across a gem we had never heard before.  "Sour Milk Sea" was written by George Harrison and demoed during The White Album sessions.  Bearing a strong resemblance to melodically to "Savoy Truffle", the song never made the final cut.

It was, however, handed off to another Apple Records artist, Jackie Lomax.  Not only that, but one better:  three of the four Beatles (Lennon was absent) joined Lomax in the studio for the recording session along with Eric Clapton.  The supergroup nailed it, and created the original version of the song.

However (and this is where it gets good), they also released a vocal-free mix that featured just the instrumentals.  Through the wonder of the internet and modern technology, a kind soul has generated an "outfake" that is as good as the original in quality, but features Harrison's demo vocals.  Essentially a new Beatles studio track, a la "Free As A Bird" or "Real Love".  Happy humpday!