Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New John Cale On Tap For November, New Year - mp3, Video

John Cale is one of those slow-grow pleasures.  At first seemingly inaccessible, and at times overly droll, once you've gotten hooked, he is an undeniable addiction.  Cale has been steadily delivering albums for the past 40 years; There have been duds and there have been winners, but one thing is for sure: it's always interesting.

That interest is exactly the reason that we were so stoked to discover that Cale has a new EP on tap for the day after Thanksgiving, entitled Extra Playful (cover above).  What's more, details of a forthcoming full length album are apparently on their way, adding all the more excitement to the announcement!

While we have yet to hear the full EP, we can tell you from two tracks we've heard ("Catastrofuk" above, "Perfection" below) that Cale is in some seriously poppy form.  Oddly, for a man who has some real street cred as an experimental composer, Cale is one of the best writers of old fashioned rock and roll out there.

On these two tracks, granted, there are moments of Cale's expanded musical palette, but the overall vibe is one of dead-solid songwriting.  "Catastrofuk"offers up some crunchy guitars and an easy going chorus, while "perfection" offers something of a slow-groove lounge vibe.  Check them out for yourself, and we're pretty sure you'll be just as excited for this record as we are.

mp3: John Cale - Perfection