Wednesday, October 26, 2011

An Horse Played Highline Ballroom - Pictures, Review

On Saturday we stopped into the Highline Ballroom for what would be our sole foray into the madness that is CMJ.  While there, we caught a stunning set from Australian duo An Horse.  The pair were on tour supporting their latest (fantastic) release Walls, and delivering a brand of rock and roll goodness that is truly unique.

It must be said from the start, that An Horse can make noise.  Just a drum kit, two vocalists, and a single guitar.  And yet, much like The White Stripes, they manage to flesh out the sound expertly and take on many roles at once.  Part of this is sourced in the intricate beats and meaty guitar hooks, but even more is sourced in the band's vocals.

While Kate Cooper takes on the lead vocals, it's difficult to necessarily call them "lead", as they are so often intersected with those of drummer Damon Cox.  The interplay, harmonies, and rhythm of their vocal delivery is fantastic, and serves to underpin their fantastic instrumentation and technical skills.  It also manages to illustrate just how close the two musicians have become.

If it's possible, An Horse made an even better impression this time around than they did on the tour for their first record Rearrange Beds.  On that tour, they delivered a unique and magical version of their own songs, fresh from the studio.  This time, things were just as fresh, but also instilled with a confidence and swagger that made the performance more gripping, and the music more vivid.  It was evidenced not only in our assessment, but also in the vested crowd who assembled, that An Horse are a band on the upswing.

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