Thursday, September 22, 2011

Radiohead - "Lull"

In honor of Radiohead's upcoming 2-night run at the Roseland Ballroom (tickets go on sale Monday), we decided to dig up one of our favorite B-Side moments from the UK fivesome.  "Lull" is a B-Side to the classic "Karma Police", and appeared on the 1st of 2 CD singles for that track.  Culled from the Paranoid Android sessions, the track is pure, classic Radiohead.  Moreover, it is one of the many pieces of contributory evidence to the fact that the band probably could have released twice as many records, and they'd still be just as good.

Opening only with a heavily reverbed guitar and a stark xylophone, the track gradually builds as it adds double tracked vocals and finally bass and drums.  The melody has a droney quality that could only be pulled off by Thom Yorke, and its lyric is a stark apology of an indivdual adrift in their own mind.  Ending almost before it begins, the track fades into an echo-y sample loop, and begs you to hit play once more.

mp3: Radiohead - Lull