Monday, August 22, 2011

Wilco Is Ready To Rock Your World This Fall

Wilco at the Greek Theater, from the HAD Archive

Hot on the heels of the first seven inch from their very own record label (see video below), Wilco have announced that (surprise of the year) the label was not created solely for that lone vinyl release. No, in fact, the band has been hard at work on a brand new record entitled The Whole Love, and will be using their label dBpm Records to deliver it to the world on September 27th.

We'll get to the record in a minute, but first: "I Might". The track is almost a toned-down take on the rock-out Wilco that created "I Am A Wheel". The lyrics are curt and clipped, and the guitars are largely fuzzed out, delivering a basic incendiary rock riff. The rest of the track is fleshed out by percussion that is unquestionably the work of Glenn Kotche, and a collective motion that we associate almost solely with Wilco. While the chilled-out influence of Sky Blue Sky is certainly present, we have to say that it's the most vigor we've heard from the quintet in quite a while.

The record itself (cover above) is comprised of 12 new tracks, and includes "I Might" in addition to 11 others. The band has previewed very little of the material as of yet, aside from a teaser trailer (below) that features snippets of what we assume to be (given the title) the lead track from the record. One has to assume this isn't for wanting to conserve new material, as the band is also issuing a deluxe edition of the disc that will feature three additional new songs, as well as an alternate version of "Black Alone".

True to form, in addition to releasing a serious amount of music, the band intends to back it up by taking their show on the road. If you're paying attention at all to live music, then you know Wilco one of the best bets going, and we can assure you that we've never walked away from a Wilco show doing anything less than grinning ear to ear. Yes, they're that good. This tour will consist mainly of east coast/midwest dates, and will be followed by a European run. We can only assume that the band has a west coast run planned for their return - time will tell.

The Whole Love drops September 27th.

Wilco Fall 2011 US Dates
13 Sep 2011 / Indianapolis, IN / Murat Theatre
16 Sep 2011 / Toronto, ONT / Massey Hall
17 Sep 2011 / Toronto, ONT / Massey Hall
18 Sep 2011 / Montreal, QUE / Métropolis
20 Sep 2011 / Boston, MA / The Wang Theatre
22 Sep 2011 / New York, NY / Rumsey Playfield in Central Park
23 Sep 2011 / New York, NY / Rumsey Playfield in Central Park
25 Sep 2011 / Columbia, MD / Merriweather Post Pavilion
27 Sep 2011 / Raleigh, NC / Raleigh Amphitheater
28 Sep 2011 / Atlanta, GA / Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre
29 Sep 2011 / Atlanta, GA / Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre
01 Oct 2011 / Nashville, TN / The Ryman
02 Oct 2011 / Nashville, TN / The Ryman
04 Oct 2011 / St. Louis, MO / Peabody Opera House
05 Oct 2011 / Madison, WI / Overture Hall

The Whole Love Tracklist
Art of Almost
I Might
Dawned On Me
Black Moon
Born Alone
Open Mind
Capitol City
Standing O
Rising Red Lung
Whole Love
One Sunday Morning (Song For Jane Smiley’s Boyfriend)