Friday, July 8, 2011

The Strokes Drop New Video, "Taken For A Fool"

The Strokes' lastest, Angles, has been a slow burner for us. Not that we didn't like it at the start, but it's simply gotten better and better. While it's slightly more eclectic and disjointed than their other works, it also has a depth to it that makes even the more straight-ahead songs feel like the work of an obviously matured band.

Case in point: "Taken For A Fool". We loved the track from the get-go, and since then our love of it has only increased. On the surface it's a straight ahead rocker, and classic Strokes material. But under the covers, the melody and guitar layers offer up something that's just a little bit more solid, and demands repeat listens.

Our love of the track was only increased when the band was joined by Elvis Costello for a live version at Madison Square Garden, and now the band has gone and released a video as well. The clip (below), is probably our favorite official video from the band since those of their first record, and adopts a similar retro vibe. Amidst a hastily rendered cube of 3D shapes, multiple projections of the band crowd each other in a room, and seem to be enjoying themselves quite a bit. To be frank, for us, that's more than enough, and very, very good to see.

Update: Check out Some Kind Of Awesome for the single cover, and the stream of the B-Side: a soundboard recording of the live version with EC!!!


Hanan said...

haha excellent screen cap,yo