Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Girls Third Record On The Way

Given that we were in attendance of their first show of all time, we've always had something of a soft spot for San Francisco's Girls. Given that, we were stoked to hear the news that a third record from the band will be dropping on September 13th. Father, Son, Holy Ghost is the third record, if you count last year's Broken Dreams Club. While only six tracks long, the disc contained all new material, and managed to land on Pitchfork's "Best Of" albums list.

Technicalities aside, we're excited to hear what the band will do with the space of another full length to once again stretch their legs musically. The first record, Album, followed two EPs, and expanded on them both stylistically and creatively. Frankly, we're hoping to hear the band make a sonic branch with the record, and delve into some new areas. It was apparently recorded in a San Francisco office building, so clearly they mean business. Ba dum bum. Either way, we can't wait. September here we come!