Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Little David Bowie To Tide You Over

These days, one doesn't see very much of David Bowie. Aside from a live performance with Arcade Fire, the Thin White Duke hasn't been out and about since the Reality tour got cut short in Germany for emergency heart surgery.

That being said, the Bowie camp is hard at work making sure that fans, if they can't get the real thing, are at least getting fresh new content on a fairly regular basis. Case in point, two new items that emerged this spring.

The first is a pair of Bowie "remix" apps, created by EMI, based around the tracks "Space Oddity" and "Golden Years". Targeted at the iPhone, the two apps allow you to literally remix the multitrack tapes of each song, in real time, using faders for each track. It sounds trite, but it's actually quite fascinating. Getting to make your own mix is satisfying and revealing, and you can save it to boot!

The second is a book published by Genesis, the high end "limited" book dealer. It focuses on the photographs of Bowie by Japanese photographer Sukita, and is currently in the final phases of production. Given that Sukita's photos are some of our favorite Bowie content ('Heroes' cover, anyone?), and that Genesis makes some of the finest books around, our only barrier to entry here is going to be pricetag.