Thursday, June 23, 2011

Beady Eye Played Live At Letterman: Video, Review

Last night we had the pleasure of stopping and catching Beady Eye in a one hour performance at the David Letterman show. As you may recall, the band is the manifestation of Oasis-sans-Noel, and has delivered a debut record that definitely pulls its weight. Different Gear, Still Speeding dropped in February, and the band is currently touring in its support.

After an entrance that was reminiscent of the opening of a title bout, the band immediately dove head on into a rocking set that drew heavily on 60's garage rock, both in sound, and in the band's on-stage aesthetic. Nonetheless, there was the undeniable vibe of a band who have toured the world together a number of times, and from the second you hear Liam Gallagher's voice, it's nearly impossible to not recall his greatness as Oasis' frontman.

Gallagher was clearly on point, and interested in getting fans in Beady Eye's corner. To be sure, the singer embraced his typical swagger and "fuck all" attitude throughout the show. Looking more than a little bit like an agitated boxer, he swayed and fought with the microphone throughout. However, he also engaged with fans throughout the show, giving high-five's on his entrance, saying hello throughout the show, and posing for photos whenever he saw a camera. You could definitely feel the love.

For us, the highlights of the set were "The Roller" and "Millionaire", but we have to be frank: the whole set was amazingly solid. It's a real pleasure to see a band that has so much history take a stand and deliver exclusively new material, and see it work. The set is clearly well rehearsed, and the songs were more than able to stand on their own agains the weight of the band's history.

Thankfully, you don't have to take our word for it: CBS has the whole gig streaming, and you can catch it below. Additionally, there's the band's TV Broadcast of "The Roller", which is completely worth your time. And, if you haven't figured it out thus far, we'll just lay it out for you: you can count us among Beady Eye's fans, now more than ever.

Beady Eye plays Webster Hall tonight.